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Ro-Ro Shipment Mining Equipment UK - Georgetown, Guyana

72 Pieces of Ro-Ro cargo shipped from the UK to Georgetown in Guyana. AW Baxter received and collected items from auction sites across the UK and stored in our open yard for a consolidated shipment of all equipment on one shipment.

Guyana a country on South Americas, North Atlantic coast. Bordered by Brazil in the south, Suriname to the East and Venezula to the West. Guyana population is in the region of 760,000 and is predominantly English speaking.

Quick Facts:

  • Cargo Origin: Various Auction Site, UK
  • Port of Loading: Tilbury, UK
  • Port of Discharge: Georgetown, Guyana
  • Transit Time: 38 Days
  • Equipment: RO-RO Cargo + 2 x 40' HCs
  • Sector: Mining

Over 53 vehicles delivered into our storage yard or direct to the quayside in Tilbury over a period of 1 month, equipment was collected from auction sites throughout the UK. Several pieces of equipment were taken to our yard for independent inspection and maintenance before the journey to Guyana to enable immediate work once the machinery had been discharged. Small cargo including lighting towers and generators were loaded/lashed and secured to 2 X 40'HC shipper owned containers at our midlands site and combined with the RO-RO cargo for onwards shipment ex Tilbury to Georgetown, Guyana.

The logistics on this project was managed by two dedicated project managers and supported by AW Baxter's Transport Team.

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