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Navigating ISPM 15: Crucial Updates for Exporting to Saudi Arabia

Are you exporting to Saudi Arabia? If so, are you aware of the recent changes regarding ISPM 15 regulations? These updates could have a significant impact on your operations. Saudi Arabia has recently announced its requirements for ISPM15 compliant wood packaging materials with effect from 14th July 2024.

Fortunately, you've stumbled upon this newsletter, and AW Baxter is here to assist! Our in-house export packing service utilises ISPM 15 compliant timber, ensuring seamless compliance with these regulations. Let us help you tackle this challenge effortlessly!

What is ISPM 15?

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) are a set of regulations designed to protect people, animals, and plants from nasty pests, contaminants, and diseases lurking in wood. These organisms can be parasitic and pose serious threats when hitching a ride across borders.

But what does this have to do with the logistics? Well, within the logistics industry a tremendous amount of timber packaging is sent around the globe and is shipped to multiple locations each year as pallets and packaging. As global trade boomed, so did the spread of potentially diseased parasites in the wood. Enter ISPM 15: a global safeguard that's now in place to keep countries safe.

Thanks to ISPM 15, timber used in international shipping must be treated to kill off any harmful organisms. This standard is now integral to the logistics industry, ensuring that the spread of these pesky pests is minimised and the health of ecosystems worldwide is protected.

So how is the wood treated to get rid of these pests?

Following the ISPM 15 guidelines, there are three main methods to eliminate potential pests from wooden pallets: heat treatment, kiln drying, and Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigation. Among these, heat treatment is the preferred choice for ensuring ISPM 15 compliance. This method is favoured because it effectively eradicates a wide range of pests without leaving any harmful residue, unlike chemical treatments, which can leave behind undesirable remnants.

Heat treated timber in wooden packaging also allows the pallet or case to be safe for reuse. As long as the pallet does not undergo any maintenance or repair, the ISPM 15 heat treatment remains effective throughout the wooden pallet's lifetime.

Is Your Company Prepared for the Latest ISPM 15 Compliance Updates?

There are currently 47 different countries which require ISPM 15 compliance for wood packaging material used to ship commodities:

However, as of the 14th July 2024, there will be 48 countries on this list as Saudi Arabia will now be applying the ISPM 15 regulation to wood material in international trade. So, if your company has shipments going to Saudi Arabia, you need to make sure you are using the correct pallets before it's too late!

Here at AW Baxter, all the wood we use for our in-house export packing complies with ISPM 15 guidelines. We offer comprehensive in-house packing and a range of logistical services to ensure your shipments reach any destination worldwide. As your trusted global logistics company, we are committed to delivering your cargo safely and efficiently. Your cargo, our commitment. 

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