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Hospital Construction Shipment UK - Port Sudan

AW Baxter's project team again have been contacted to apply their knowledge and experience on a shipment for the construction of a Hospital in Sudan. The operation consisted of multiple inland movements and consolidation before loading for one vessel destined for Port Sudan, Sudan.

Port Sudan is the largest Port in the republic of Sudan and has a population of 489,000 residents. Located on the red sea it has a hot desert climate with extremely hot summer temperatures reported of up to 48 degrees Celsius.

Quick Facts:

  • Cargo Origin: Billingham, UK
  • Port of Loading: Felixstowe, UK
  • Port of Discharge: Port Sudan, Sudan
  • Transit Time: 22 Days
  • Equipment: 8 x 40' OTs and 4 x 40' HCs
  • Sector: Construction

17 artic flat bed loads from the supplier in Billingham where arranged for a period of three weeks and offloaded and stored in our midlands warehouse. Trailers had items weighed and dimensions recorded with identification against drawings a requirement by the client. Equipment was consolidated and loaded to 8 x 40'OTs and 4 x 40'HC containers over a period of four days for onwards shipment ex Felixstowe to Port Sudan, Sudan.

The all round door-door logistics was managed by a dedicated project manager and supported by AW Baxter's Transport and Packing operations.

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