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Out of Gauge Shipment UK - Ghana

AW Baxter's project team work across continents in a variety of industries. The below project had the team planning a delivery of oil pipeline strainers to the West African City of Takoradi, Ghana.

Takoradi is the largest city in the Western Region of Ghana. The city has a population of 445,205 ans supports timber processing, cocoa processing, ship bulding and recently crude oil.

Quick Facts:

  • Cargo Origin: Telford, UK
  • Port of Loading: Felixstowe, UK
  • Port of Discharge: Takoradi, Ghana
  • Transit Time: 32 Days
  • Equipment: 5 x 40'FR and 1 x 40' OT over height
  • Sector: Oil & Gas

Baxters knowledge of Out of Gauge packing and logistics was called upon to provide the full case packing and sea freight shipment of 5 x 40' Flat Racks and 1 x 40' Open Top. The cases were manufactured and packed at our Wolverhampton warehouse, then loaded and secured to equipment for shipment ex Felixstowe to Takoradi, Ghana.

The all round door-door logistics for this Oil and Gas client arrived on time and to budget.

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